Hit cycling to work and in urgent need of spinal surgery, please show your support and help spread t

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    May 19, 2013
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    Dear fellow cyclists, I am an avid cyclist living in Austin, TX and last November I was hit while cycling to work and sustained severe compression fractures to my spine. Since, I have been enduring a long and painful 'healing' process with extremely limited mobility in a very difficult financial state (as I havnt been able to return to work, and being in the service industry, have no health insurance).

    This past month I was readmitted to the hospital, where an MRI determined that my spine is not healing properly and my vertebrates have continued to deteriorate. Because of this I am in urgent need of spinal surgery. Kyphoplasty, a less invasive spinal surgery, will give me a great chance at gaining my full mobility (and life!) back, and will eliminate further risks and the continuing deterioration that could one day render me completely immobile. In order to have this operation I need to come up with the funds in full and up front, due to my lack of insurance.

    Please 'share' my crowdfund benefit page if you have a minute or two and help me spread my story so it can reach others via social media forums, or wherever you feel is appropriate. If we can get this to reach the corners of the internet and some of those people choose to donate even just a dollar or two, I will be able to have this operation, so that I can get back to living my life and back on my bike! Thank you in advance for your kindness and support. ride safe. www.youcaring.com/nik

    -Nik Higganbotham