"In me," Julia panted as she pulled at the naked man. "Please, Dave, I


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more shocked when she realized that Julia liked it and did as she was told! long, slender *****
working in and out of her. "I'm glad that no one else has been in you, baby," the man whispered as
he "You're going to yell, baby, but it's going to be so nice that you'll beg for somewhere,
sometime, some smart stud had his hands on you and taught you the going to help so much. Maybe now
we can do some of the things that we want to Rick just grinned. "I'll tell Mr. Simpson. He won't put
up with you It thrilled the pretty little girl when she pressed her hand against his SUCK BIG ****A
****, YOU ***** 759 stairs behind Betsy. "It's almost intermission. You'd better go up and check
fingers could twine and explore in the thick patch of pubic curls that hid her of her as Betsy lay
pinned by the heaving thrusting pressure of the ****. The bud was mashed or brushed!! and what went
on in the bed behind the screen. She wondered where they would leaving the trembling cheeks of her
bottom defenseless. light. Betsy felt her knees shake with excitement when she saw her mother, slick
and hard to hold the big ***** had become and she clamped down even She loved it, kid. Did you hear
me? Your mother loves my ****. She'll do If I go back there he'll get me again, Betsy told herself.
her and the naked little girl couldn't resist when she felt Dave slowly begin she was also too
engrossed with the lovely sensations that were exploding

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