Is ftp 350 trainable

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    Hi Guys,

    Is FTP 350 trainable? I have been in cycling for 3 months now and I have been seeing how my FTP, which started at 160, sky rockets into now 240, and now I begin to wonder if 350 is possible if I continue?

    I suppose the reason for why I am improving this fast, aside of the dedication, is potentially I just began riding and has yet hit any ceiling based on a physical standpoint.

    I have attached my normal day training within the attachment. I do 99% of the ride on Zwift with a Wahoo Kickr


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    Wow. An 80 point pop in 3 months is pretty amazing..regardless of the circumstances. Wonder how real that 160 benchmark was? In any event, nice job. Where your potential lies however is impossible to determine. Gains become harder to come by as you become more fit (which it sounds like you already know), but keep at it and anything is possible. Indoor training, while at times monotonous (sure Zwift helps), is great for FTP gains because you can perform highly structured workouts. Good luck.
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    It’s possible. If you’re a taller guy then you have more chance of doing it. The smaller lightweight folk tend to put out less watts but there are exceptions.

    The big part is setting aside enough time to train AND rest properly and plan a training program that both keeps you motivated and allows you to improve. Split training into 8 to 12 week blocks and change the training to train different aspects of performance as well as mentally giving yourself a break. Going from a solid “sweet spot” block of training where most of it is at or just under threshold often leads to good gains when you start doing shorter efforts above threshold. Don’t just concentrate on FTP even though that may be a target.

    Some folks are good at pushing FTP up with training just below threshold whereas some, like myself, don’t really respond too well to that but need the lower intensity training first to pull up FTP when the higher intensity work starts.
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    @Steven Chen. as the others have mentioned it's impossible to say what you could do. however, there's insufficient data to even have the vaguest of idea. For e.g., if you weigh 50 kg then it's impossible. If you're 60+ years old, it's *probably* unlikely if you've just started riding.

    Perhaps, if you give us an idea of your age, and mass, we maybe able to take a guess? have you competed in other endurance sports before? If so, how did you do in them?
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