Jennifer Keyte and moi

A classic capture of the moment and a nice big smile for the camera.
I am impressed....
"flyingdutch" <[email protected]> wrote
in message news:[email protected]
> hippy Wrote:
>> Fame! I wanna live forever...
>> Is that your fixie?

> yup! 72 inches, baby!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. And has anyone ever told you lot how much easier it is
when you put the wheels on the ground and you let the bike carry you rather
than you carry it?


A: Top-posters.
Q: What is the most annoying thing on Usenet?
flyingdutch said:
might even wear some knicks which DONT reveal my **** next time :rolleyes:

Thought I was being discreet mentioning that along Swan Street..... :D

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