Jon Urbanchek to Retire

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Yea, I saw that. I didn't know much about the USA swimmer, Klete Keller, until somebody pointed out
that he was swimming next to Thorpe in the Olympic prelims. Keller took bronze in the 400m at
Sydney. Swims like a left handed Hackett: head lift on dominant arm catch, "lope" timing, and same
kick pattern.

Keller was at SC but evidently had a heart-to-heart talk with another SC swimmer, Eric Vendt, and
decided to move to Michigan to train with Urbanchek. Urbanchek trained Tom Dolan, one of the best
distance freestyle swimmers in US history, and one of my favorite male swimmers to study since he
doesn't kick much. So will be interesting to see how Keller does at the trials and beyond. He's
evidently decided to focus all his energy on swimming, and train with the best in his event. Too bad
for him he swims the same events as Thorpe, a swimmer who comes along once in a generation. But I
wish him and Urbanchek luck.