Looking for a trusted LBS in Glendale, CA area...

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by RedRacerX, Mar 13, 2007.

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    Mar 13, 2007
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    Visited a few but still haven't figured out if they are trying to sell me what they have or do they care about fit and getting me what is right for me.

    Is there a list of shops with ratings, mechanics that are top notch, etc?

    I've been to:

    Montrose Bike Shop.
    Budget Bikes.
    Velo Pasadena.

    The Montrose sales guy had as much information as I did and not any more. And all I did was go on the Internet on how to buy a bike.

    Budget Bikes I liked their selection of Orbeas. Nice bikes but the one guy didn't seem well informed. I had an issue with toe-clip overlap from a bike I purchased a while back and he said how bad that is and it shouldn't happen for anyone who has a bike because it's very very dangerous. Then another guy at the store, I think it was the owner, says to me, it's a common thing and sure enough, I read that it is an issue for some 'smaller' riders like myself.

    Velo seemed to be the only one that really knew what they were talking about. A little abrasive, a little snobby, but knowledgeable.

    But, my main concern, who is selling me what's best for me or just what they have in stock? Because as much information I research online about bike fit, comfort, sizing, etc... a 'pro' tells me one thing to argue a point across and who am I to believe?

    Like "If you can't see the hub it's perfect."
    or "a lot of guys ride smaller frames" (because they don't have a size larger?)
    or they have me take off my shoes, lift the bike and measure clearance of tire to ground and say, "Perfect."

    Even all these ways I've read online aren't the best way to do it.

    Anyway, suggestions are what I need.

    THanks, all!