Looking for someone to ride with in the Seattle area (Issaquah)


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May 22, 2011
I'm a new rider lookin for some people to ride with in the Seattle area. I live in Issaquah at the perfect location to head out Preston-Fall City on the trails. I'm interested in doing the Sammamish Lake loop and Mercer Island.

As for myself, I'm 21 and just got my gear this week. Last year I ruptured two discs in my lower back and pedaling is the only exercise that isn't painful, in fact it helps! So, I recently decided to give up my gym membership and to finally pull the trigger on a road bike. With summer right around the corner, I'm really looking forward to getting out in the sunshine!

Post back if you're interested!

If you Ever Cruise Up NOrth To The Bellingham Area wWE have Many a Community Bike Ride and races That fit all sort of Competative levels........ Just reply and ill hit you back with all sorts of links of bike bellingham Ridicoulousness

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