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    > > It was nearby, but decided not to dine.
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    > Whoah! You went mountain biking on Mars?

    It's common knowledge.

    Message 1 in thread From: Corvus Corvax
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    2004-01-08 19:00:11 PST

    Anybody been looking at the pictures Spirit sent back from
    Mars? Take a good look at this one especially:

    Something seemed might funny about it to me, so I blew up
    the image and did a little enhancement:

    I'll say one thing. The Freak can ride....

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    [email protected] (JD) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > It was nearby, but decided not to dine.
    > 04034.jpg
    > JD

    Good thing for the critter. It'd get sick-n- probably die.
    Is that a bear track?

    We've had cougars sited along the river on the east edge of
    town, (before you get to GMan's hood) in a residential area
    that has the neighbors all aflivver. They just killed one
    yesterday, and new tracks are out this a.m.

    ON a ride up to Bogus Basin one morning we ran into fresh
    bear and cougar tracks. Maybe ole Darsh can redux his
    bear story.