Mad Cow Disease and Supplements

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  1. Have you had your supplement made from spleens, brains, and testicles today?

    Mad Cow Disease Raises Safety Issues Beyond the Kitchen By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr.

    Published: January 29, 2004 [...] On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration banned the use of dead
    or disabled cows in the products it regulates, as well as the use of brains, spinal cord, eyes and
    other high-risk parts from cows older than 30 months.


    For example, Health Genesis, a Florida company, sells 100-capsule bottles of bovine Brain
    Concentrate, promising "tissues processed at low temperature to insure rawness."

    David, a salesman who would not give his last name or the name of the owner of Health Genesis, said,
    "This whole thing about mad cow disease is so new" and explained, "We assume it's safe because it's
    made available by the people who make it."

    After telling a reporter that "there are people selling fried brains in Alabama," David insisted
    that the reporter call the manufacturer of the supplements, Rocky Fork Formulas of Newark, Ohio.

    Ken Michaelis, who said he was "just the phone answerer" for Rocky Fork's president but who
    according to the company's Web site is one of the founders, said Rocky Fork did not make its own
    brain concentrate and who did was "privileged corporate information."

    Mr. Michaelis said that he had not heard of Monday's F.D.A. ruling, but that he believed the
    concentrate was safe because "you can't get glandulars from countries with mad cow."

    He could not name the country the brains came from, but said there were "tons of manufacturers,"
    some domestic. Nor did Mr. Michaelis know how old the animals were or whether they were ever tested
    for prions.

    Ms. Michaelis said there was no test for prions (there are several) and insisted that "they've never
    been able to prove that mad cow is transmitted to humans" (health authorities emphatically