Maintenance of a Cannondale Headshok suspension fork


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Mar 25, 2006
I just bought a 2006 Cannondale F400 with a Headshok Super Fatty Ultra DL suspension fork. I was reading the fork manual and it says to have a dealer do an under boot grease renewal every 2 months and do an inspection rebuild once a year? Really? I'm new to this type of fork.

Ok maybe the rebuild once a year but to take my bike in every 2 months to grease it, I would think a guy could do this himself? No?

Any advice or suggestions appreicated

They require some special tools to work on them.. apart from that I hear that they aren't too difficult, as far as suspension maintenance goes.

The people on the Cannondale forum of have some info on DIY headshock servicing, take a look at some of the previous posts there as it's a topic that I remember has come up in the past.

I'm hopeless with hydraulics so leave it all to my LBS.. I take my headshock equipped bikes to them every 3 months or so to get checked out and sorted.