Manage your clinical trials more effectively

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  1. We'll show you how to manage your clinical trials more effectively through a
    new online course: Designing and Conducting Clinical Trials (for Managers)

    Course date: Feb. 17 - March 21, 2004 invites you to participate in a new on-line distance-learning course for existing and
    would-be managers and entrepreneurs of pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics firms:
    Designing and Conducting Clinical Trials (for Managers). The course is divided into four weekly
    sessions and incorporates an interactive bulletin board.

    Course covers:

    · Designing trials and determining sample size · Computer-assisted data collection and submission
    . Common Technical Document and CDISC standards · Exception handling · Monitoring · Budgeting men
    and materials · Documentation and reports · After action review

    The course should take 6-10 hours per week over a four-week period. Regular visits to the course
    discussion board are required, but you can arrange these at your own convenience. Course
    participants will be given an alias and access to a private bulletin board on which they will
    receive course materials. The board will also serve as a forum for discussion of ideas and
    problem solving.

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