Mich DAFNz vote with their IQ-75_Feet...

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    Tightning merit requirementz haz diverted the genetically-defective riff-raff from the student
    rankz, inability to write an ezzay hurtz az well...

    http://www.freep.com/news/education/um10_20040210.htm ***************************** exZZZZZerpt
    *************************** U-M sees dive in minority applications -- February 10, 2004 Admissions
    officials: It's a result of ruling

    Minority applications are down 23 percent and admissions of those students have dropped 30 percent
    at the University of Michigan, the school said Monday as it released preliminary admissions data.
    School officials said one of the reasons for the sharp declines is the chilling effect of the U.S.
    Supreme Court decision striking down the university's point system that gave some students a
    boost.... last year, 765 underrepresented minorities, which include blacks, Hispanics and Native
    Americans, had been admitted, compared with 538 this year...some students see the essays required by
    U-M as a chore...

    At Michigan State University, total applications and those from minorities are both down 15 percent,
    compared with the same period last year, said Terry Denbow, MSU vice president for university

    At Ohio State University, which also abandoned a point-based system for one requiring essays after
    the court decision, applications have dropped 8.5 percent overall and 18.6 percent among African-
    American students, said Mabel Freeman, associate vice president for undergraduate admissions.

    "The minority community is very concerned about whether they will get in, and they self-select out,"
    Freeman said.... ************************* IQ-75 Genez in aczion ***********************

    oh well, at least the onez who can't even write are being deleted...

    DAFNz - genetically created IQ-75 *Dumb*... Supreme Court, 1954, Brown vs. DNA - a total LOOZer...

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    On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 11:32:00 GMT, [email protected] wrote:

    >Tightning merit requirementz haz diverted the genetically-defective riff-raff from the student
    >rankz, inability to write an ezzay hurtz az well...

    Considering the way you post, I am betting you could not pass a 4th grade essay test.


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