My 7th Criterium, I finished! And I crashed :(

swampy1970 said:
Ah, just a few love taps.

Several hours to pull out the bottom bracket? Dare I ask how you got that out given that it took so long?

If you have a GP4000S with chili compound, I'd get another one for the back too. They really do stick much better than anything else and I reckon the back will let go before the front... way before. One think to note about new Conti GP4000S is that they're a little 'bouncy' when new. If you normally run 115psi or there about, run about 10 psi less.

If there wheel is only out in one spot, leave the wheel in the bike and close up the brake calipers and have at it. Remember to 'spread the love' over several spokes instead of tensioning the hell out of just one and remember that spokes don't tighten themselves during use - adjust the ones that you think are loose :p

Hey Swampy,
Love taps indeed. The several hours included a drive to the bike shop, pulling the crank set out, removing the rear derailer and straightening the rear derailer handle (which is also removable), removing the old bar tape, cleaning the bars, and re-taping them. I bought some good grease from the shop and slathered it between the threads of the bottom bracket. Should make for a tighter fit. And a tire change, but that isn't too difficult.

I took it out for a spin this morning, 25 miles with Team Velocity. And my legs just sucked. Just like another post where one mentioned he took too many days off. Five days off here, and my legs were pooping out before the hills. Stubbornness by driving trait, I took those hills anyways. And everything functioned quite nicely. No more clicking in the bottom bracket.

I also lowered my shifters a little more for good reach from the drops, so that took some getting used to, as far as the hoods being a little farther away.
Been a bit of a delay in posts. My next crit is on Sep 12. Until then, I'm just riding to keep my legs up. Rode 50-mile today from Irvine to Dana point. Probably doing an easy recovery ride tomorrow. Not sure how to keep myself slowed down, but I'll find a way.
Deafwolf, you always have a nice lengthy, fully descriptive write up of your races. Keep it up, I enjoy reading your stories.

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