Name that tune?


Aug 11, 2001
Now I know Celine Dion
(puke, vomit, kots) did a cover of this song, but I want to know who sang it originally. Does anyone out there maybe know, please?
<br /><br />I'd like to run away from you <br />But if I were to leave you I would die <br />I'd like to break the chains you put around me <br />And yet I'll never try <br />No matter what you do you drive me crazy <br />I'd rather be alone <br />But then I know my life would be so empty <br />As soon as you were gone <br />Impossible to live with you <br />But I could never live without you <br />For whatever you do <br />I never, never, never <br />Want to be in love with anyone but you
Dunno the answer but I like the "smilies" you use to express your feelings one the "artist's" music ;D
Hmmmm....... I'm not sure if I know it.......<br /><br />Hum a little of the tune for us............. ;D
Hey Laz, you the man! Thanks!<br /><br />Re. Celine Dion - no comment...she's vile...
Just downloaded the MP3, and it's exactly what I was looking for!<br />Thanks again Laz