Nashbar deal alert ultegra road bike $1400


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Sep 12, 2005


105 level for $910.

Nashbar buys most of its carbon frames from FLYXXII. You can buy a 105 Groupset for about $350, the wheelset is about $139, and the FLYXII frame about $290. Most of the rest of the parts are bargain bin stuff.

I'm not dissing it, but I am not sure it is really a screaming good deal for a mail order bike. Ultergra Grouppo is about $650. I'd rather shop around and find a year end clearance for $1400 or some shop's Demo model.

Now, this is a good deal for a few bucks more, and we have a local shop where they will assemble and warrant it:
That's a screaming good deal even with no-name wheels, FSA crank and Tektro brakes! I think the Orion has been discontinued, but it would make a great racing bike. Upgrade the crankset and brakes for $300 and $2100 for a full Ultegra Di2 carbon bike is about as good as it's going to get.

The last 'deal' price point I saw on partial Ultegra Di2 Carbon bikes was in the $2100 range, so $1800 is killer IMO. Performance is still pegged at $3300 for the Fuji SL 2.1. That makes the Ridley smell even better.

It would not surprise me if Ribble was buying from FLYXXII. Generic carbon cheap sacrificial frames are just what the doctor ordered!
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