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    Previously, I have done 1 long distance travel from Toronto to Montreal City. And it was only 542 km. Right now, I am thinking to do a big trip. And going around the west Coast of the US (as I am a 29-year-old post graduate student and always running short on money lol and I will not stay at any hotel until it is extremely crucial). We are 3 people (Me, brother and a female cousin). We will be hitting the road on 1st of January and ending our journey on 17th January.

    First Day:
    My journey will start from Vancouver and enter the US through White Rock and Blaine border. And staying in Seattle, WA at the end of the day. I know this is a long way, but as we will be fresh, this distance will not be an issue for us.

    Second Day - From Seattle to Long View - 127 miles
    Third Day - Entering into Oregon, having the lunch at Portland and taking a short nap. Leaving the city at the sunset and ending the journey at Salem, Oregon (145KM).

    Fourth Day - Leaving Salem and try to reach Roseburg, a 159 miles stretch.
    Fifth Day - From Roseburg to Klamath National Forest, a 150-mile stretch and passing through Umpqua forest. After 5 days, we will be finally in the California.
    Sixth Day - From Klamath to Redding California and taking a short stay at Shasta Lake and will enjoy eating famous Rainbow trout at the bank of Shasta Dam.
    Seventh Day - From Redding to Sacramento, which is 162 miles distance and maybe take a day off in Sacramento.
    Eighth and Ninth Day - If I will not take the day off, it will be my 8th day. I will try to see cities like Stockton, San Francisco, Pleasanton, Palo Alto and San Jose. We will try to reach Santa Cruz and end our day at Santa Cruz.
    Tenth Day - It will be the most interesting day, as I will traveling with the ocean waves. We will try to reach Cambria.
    Eleventh Day - We will reach Los Angeles at the end of the day. We will enjoy 2 days in the sunny city.
    Fourteenth Day - This will be the last day. We will be staying at San Diego and will try to touch the Mexican border of San Ysidro.

    Here is the entire map of our journey:
    From Vancouver to San Ysidro

    Here are the pictures of 3 bicycles, we will be using during our Journey:
    Mine's cycle is visible from the avatar and this one is my brother's.

    What do you think about our entire journey? I have following questions:
    • What do you think about our bicycles? Will we be able to execute the show without any hustle?
    • How is the temperature on the entire road? I am sure about Southern California, where the weather is best compared with the other parts of my journey.
    • We have polled 10000$ for the entire journey. Will it be more than enough for the whole journey (including a ticket from Los Angeles to Vancouver)?
    • The last question, it is the most important one. My uncle (who died last year) was serving in the US army. He served in the Middle East during the first Gulf war and served at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base. He told us multiple jokes, that he was pulling (with his friends) at the base and he told us about hidden places, he used to hang out at the base. All of us were extremely close to him and we made a pact to visit the base and place one of his crucial belonging at the base. On contacting the authorities, we are not getting any answer at all, they are crunching us with confused statements. As this is an active forum and many people from Southern California are members of this forum. I will be thankful if you could tell us the procedure to visit If it involves any kind of documentation, we are ready to fill it. In case you haven't visited but your family member/friend has visited, we will be thankful if you can ask them for the information. As we are going to leave in January, this means, we only have 50 days left. So, reply here ASAP.
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    Visiting info here:

    listen to the video, has instructions for cyclists.