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  1. Now that my video is online, I would like to share my ideas with the
    members of the forum regarding my vision for a new form of competitive
    riding. Obviously, Kris Holm and many other unicyclists have been riding
    the kinds of obstacles featured at Rays MTB for years (in their
    traditional outdoor mountain bike park environment and on trials
    courses). It is the availability of facilities like Rays, however, that
    I believe has opened up a whole new dimension to riding Cokers, and
    perhaps smaller wheel uni’s as well. I have worked out the basic concept
    of the sport… but it will need much refinement and many questions will
    need to be answered... so I hope some of you will find this interesting
    enough to want to be involved in the formative stages. If you haven’t
    already downloaded and viewed my movie, I recommend that you do that
    first because I will be referencing certain scenes in order to
    illustrate certain points. For the thread from which to download my
    movie, click here:

    All that being said, here goes:

    The basic concept of the sport is very similar to uni trials, but the
    major difference is that the competition I propose does not involve
    hopping to get over obstacles, but rather simply riding over them on a
    Coker (and perhaps there could be a 28”/29” class and other classes as
    well). In order to successfully ride many obstacles a precise line using
    the proper entry speed and momentum management is required in order to
    carry you over the obstacle(s)… and it can be extremely challenging!

    Since I already rode at Rays and have the video footage of specific
    obstacles that I’ll reference, I will be using Rays park in my
    description… but various obstacles could obviously be constructed and
    laid out at other locations besides Rays, for the purposes of holding
    competitions (or just to have a practice course).

    A “Section” is a predefined segment of a course. It is defined by an
    “entry point” and an “exit point” and has a difficulty rating (1 – 10,
    10 being the most difficult) defined by the number of points the rider
    receives for completing the Section. There is also a “starting point.”
    The rider mounts his/her uni at the “starting point” and rides the
    distance from the “starting” point to the “entry point” in order to gain
    sufficient speed/momentum to clear the obstacle(s) contained between the
    “entry point” and the “exit point.” The “exit point” will usually be
    positioned a minimum of 10 feet beyond the last obstacle, so the rider
    must cross the “exit point” on the uni in order to successfully complete
    the Section. If the rider clears the obstacle but falls down before
    pedaling ten feet to cross the “exit point”, the rider will not be
    awarded the points for completing the Section. Sections get
    progressively harder. Initially, Sections consist of a single obstacle.
    As the competition progresses, the Sections get longer and contain
    multiple obstacle. Sections may contain a multitude of obstacles, such
    as: ramps, jumps, teeter/totters, skinnies, elevated skinnies, swing
    bridges, drop-offs, or really any type of obstacle that allows
    continuous pedaling (no hopping). Riders are given three attempts to
    make a Section. If the Section is completed, the rider wins the points
    for that Section. The rider with the most points wins… simple as that. I
    know this is probably very similar to Kris Holm’s rules for uni trials…
    it’s supposed to be. I do have a couple of additional ideas I’ve been
    throwing around to spice things up a bit. For example: Each section
    could also have “bonus points” (I don’t like the word “bonus” so I’d
    want to use a different term, but I just wanted to give you the idea).
    If a rider is extremely confident in his/her ability to complete a
    specific Section, the rider can opt for the “bonus points” (which are
    usually about 10% - 30% above the point value of that Section, so a
    level 10 difficulty section could have an additional 1-3 “bonus
    points”). If the rider wants to opt for the bonus points, it means
    he/she must declare there intention (to try for the bonus points) before
    attempting the Section. By declaring your intention to go for the “bonus
    points”, the rider gives up his/her right to three attempts at the
    Section, and is given just a single attempt. If the rider completes the
    Section in that single attempt he/she wins the “bonus points” for that
    section. This would add an additional element of drama and could help
    narrow the point spread between the leader and all the other riders
    making the competition more pivotal and exciting.

    Now let me illustrate some sections from Rays that are really great for
    this competition. (Point value is just a quick example to give you an
    idea - no official point values have been assigned yet, as this is
    obviously still in the very formative stages)


    • Jump Ramp w/Flat Horizontal Top and Drop-Off to Downramp
    Timecode: 4:26, 4:40
    Difficulty: 3
    Bonus Points: ½ point

    • Multi-level Ramp w/Hollow Step
    Timecode: 5:24
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Bonus Points: 1 point

    • Double-Hump Drop-Off Ramp
    Timecode: 5:56
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Bonus Points: 1 point


    • Hump Ramp & Tabletop
    Timecode: 4:31
    Difficulty: 3
    Bonus Points: ½ point


    • Small Elevated Skinny
    Timecode: 4:45, 5:09
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Bonus Points: 1 point


    • Teeter-tooter through turns and over exit ramps back to floor
    Timecode: 5:39
    Difficulty: 5
    Bonus Points: 1.5 points

    • Elevated Dip-Turn, Over Speed-Bump & Beyond Log Skinny
    (I didn’t make it… wiped out on the log skinny, as you can see)
    Timecode: 6:24
    Difficulty: 5.5
    Bonus Points: 1.5 points

    Now here are some observations and questions:

    Being that (to my knowledge) “Trials” is defined as a competition
    involving navigating over obstacles on a uni/bike/motorcycle, I would
    think that this new sport is a form of Trials. However, Trials almost
    universally implies hopping, which is not a part of this new sport… so I
    would think that designating it as a form of Trials would be quite
    misleading! What do you think? And what the heck can we call this new
    sport/competition? I’m at a loss! Any suggestions would be greatly

    I can tell you that this form of riding/competition is extremely
    challenging and TONS of fun! I think it can be a very exciting new
    element of the sport with lots of appeal. What do you think? Thanks for
    your help! I look forward to your comments…

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