Nike Poggio 4 UL


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Jan 3, 2006
I am a relative newby to road cycling, so this may be an ignorant question...I have a Trek 2200 that I bought this past summer and have been riding daily. In fact, I just completed my first century on New Year's Day. Now my question: I just got a new pair of Nike Poggio 4 UL road shoes (from Trek's website). These shoes have a 3 bolt, triangular pattern on the soles. The pedals that came with my bike are Shimano 505's (which work with my old mountain bike SPD shoes) and have a 2 bolt pattern. Is there anyway that I can use the Poggios with the 505's? I really like the look and construction of the Nike shoes, so if not, I may just go ahead and get some new pedals. Any advice anyone could give would certainly be appreciated.