Not many daylight hours here for riding

I would suggest getting some lights that make you be seen, like powerful LED ones. They are bright and they certainly advertise your presence.

As for the longer days, the sun is setting past 4pm in the UK now while a week earlier it was setting at 3:45pm. It's kind of a shame really.
The less daylight the more people should use lighting equipment as they are outside in the dark. It helps other notice you in the traffic and may prevent you from getting hit.
Was amazed they started the TDPS 101 mile, in the dark. Lots of riders with lights, I didnt take mine. Finished in 70° Weather & sunshine. Ride This year it was 30 days earlier than normal
It's starting to get a lot brighter for longer now. This time a month ago it was dark by 4 in the afternoon. Now it's getting dark at 5 in the afternoon. Natural I know but I always get a little sad when the days start getting longer.
I'm from the Philippines and 365 days a year, sunrise is between 5am-6am and sunset is between 5:30pm - 6:30pm. Basically it's sunny at 6AM and very dark at 7PM.
While it's great you're aware of the early sunsets, I have to point out that those lights should be on your bike year-round, not just during winter. Safety should always be a priority, and being visible to drivers is a crucial part of that. Don't wait until it's too late to invest in a good set of lights.

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