Open manhole in a flooded road


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May 26, 2015
Although our country is still suffering from drought, there were heavy rains in this past week. One tv network has come up with an advisory for 2-wheels (motorcycle and bicycles) to be extra careful in traversing flooded streets. There are lots of drainage cleaning activities particularly in the Metro and when flooded, those open manholes are not visible and will only be determined when you fall on it. This is a good warning because in the past there were lots of accidents caused by those open manholes.
Yeah, open manholes can be dangerous for all road users, even pedestrians who are crossing the road as they can fall through and break their necks. The authorities need to put up signs, which clearly show where there are open manholes so that road users can avoid them.
For that reason road warning signs exist. Pretty unlikely to fall with eyes wide open and moderate speed. Although tiny ones can disguise pretty well between rain and mud, these sneaky holes are more likely to make you fall from your bike, and even more if you're sprinting.
I know what your saying, it's dangerous to ride when it's raining or if the roads have several inches of water because if your not familiar with the road you might get sucked by an open manhole.
There are a lot of dangers present on flooded roads, which is why I usually just stay at home when it's raining really hard. Not only the physical ones like these, but you can also get diseases when wading in flooded areas.
This one is really dangerous. It's hard to know if there's an open hole during the flood, it's hard to recognize where exactly the hole, because all the warning sign probably washout by the flood. We should be careful always during the flood.

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