OT: Dead People Smoke Camels

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    Ain't it the livin' truth.

    Dead People Smoke Camels
    Quit smoking the EZ way! Pop this magic-bullet drug,
    ignore your real issues. God bless America
    By Mark Morford
    SF Gate Columnist

    Oh, my freaking God, but I loved smoking.

    Loved it like a slab of chocolate-covered puppy dogs and I loved the whole
    gorgeous damnable ritual of the thing, the oral fixation and the regular
    smoke breaks with co-workers and the cigs n' coffee and the cigs n' wine and
    the cigs n' sex and I had myself not one but three different all-American
    all-metal all-sexy Zippo lighters the famous click/snap sounds and toxic
    butane scents of which I found intoxicating and soulful and I miss it all

    But then again, I absolutely loathed how smoking made me feel, just
    afterward, the tightness of chest and shortness of breath and the wheezing,
    the nasty aftertaste and the phlegm and the tormented lung cilia, the
    constant stupid cravings and the ridiculous expense. Not to mention how it
    made my fingers reek and my clothes reek and my teeth yellow and my
    girlfriend cringe when she kissed me and of course all the filthy ashtrays
    and stale butts and the whole noxious karmic low-vibration
    poison-for-the-flesh thing.

    There was no pill. There was no nicotine patch or nicotine gum or
    nicotine-filled syringe to be administered at regular intervals like heroin.
    A little self-examination, a lot of self-awareness, a tiny shred of
    self-disgust, all pointed to one wake-up call that finally reached deep into
    my core and came back out and said, calmly, obviously, Enough already --
    this just isn't worth it ....