Pezcyclingnews: Eurobike’15: More Bikes!


Jan 3, 2005
Bikes, bikes and more bikes. Eurobike is the biggest bike show in the world and today we look at some of the best and brightest machines on display from Germany with new models from LOOK, Canyon, DeRosa & Nevi plus a host of WorldTour bikes direct from the peloton.Having already covered the worldwide launch of the new LOOK 796 time trial/triathlon bike earlier in the week, I was also keen to check out another of LOOK‘s new bikes at the show, the 765.This is a bike that has received a lot of trickle down technology from their top bikes in terms of construction and aerodynamics know how but in a much more realistically priced budget for the common rider.The design of the new 765has been inspired by the companys current 695 and features a new technology in frame design, ‘Carboflax technology’. This technology is actually something new in the industry where a layer of flax fiber has been sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber to improve the comfort of the frame as the flax fiber is more shock absorbing than carbon whileit gives away nothing in terms of rigidity. The flax fibers are used in the key shock damping locations on the frame, the chainstays and the fork legs.Looking closely at the chainstays through the clear gloss paint you can see the flax fibersThe big advantage of the Flax Fiber is obviously its shock absorbing abilities but there’s also another big advantage in that LOOK have now created a...

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