Pezcyclingnews: Team Novo Nordisk November Training Camp


Jan 3, 2005
Last week, Team Novo Nordisks mens professional cycling team headed to San Diego, California for what they thought was a regular early training camp for 2016. Instead, the athletes from nearly a dozen countries were woken up at 4AM West Coast US time on Monday to take part in a series of rigorous team-building exercises led by former US Navy Seals and special operators. We came up with the idea to do the Navy Seal-style camp because we wanted the riders to work together more effectively as a team. We wanted to show them that when they work well together as a team, they can be better, Team Novo Nordisk CEO and co-founder Phil Southerland said. We believe that what was holding them back was truly mental, so we wanted to break them down and build them back up as one solid unit.APG (Acumen Performance Group) led the Team Novo Nordisk athletes through a 36-hour intensive development program designed to promote leadership and team building. Founded by former US Navy Seals and special operators, the program specializes in enhancing performance in a dynamic, high-stress environment.We were very involved throughout the planning process for the 36-hour course. We knew we wanted to create a stage race style format, Southerland said. We broke it down into eight stages, including eight different types of exercises. We worked together with APG to formulate a really intense, stressful and unique experience designed to make the riders stronger.The two-day course began near Mission Bay in San...

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