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Tony Raven

Had a few creaks on the mountain bike that I suspected came from the seatpost or pedals so today I
regreased the seatpost and went to take the pedals off. Left hand pedal was hard but came off with a
good tug on the pedal spanner. Grease the threads and it spun back on easily. Right hand was a
different story. Big spanner didn't touch it, big spanner plus mallet neither. Took the chainwheels
off and put the crank in the vice. Still no joy with plenty of penetrating oil, a big spanner and a
mallet. So strip the pedal down to just the axle, out with the blow torch, heat the crank end, clamp
the axle flats into the vice and big tug. It took quite a few heat, tug, shift a bit, reheat, tug
again cycles but the two are now apart and cooling down in the garage. Visions of nice pair of
RaceFace cranks in the bin now fading. Memo to self: Take pedals off and grease threads more often.



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