Pollution And The Elements Can Kill


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May 26, 2015
I created this thread in honor of my uncle Boy. He was a health buff who carefully chooses his food. He bikes to work as a form of exercise. He is somewhat a health freak.

One night, we received news that he had died. As pieced out by his son, Uncle Boy had collapsed in a street in Makati City and was dead on arrival at the hospital. The autopsy revealed that his heart had a scar that finally cracked. The doctor's opinion was - due to excessive pollution. It dawned on us that cities here have a high pollution rate. Think of the smoke that gets into your lungs, Uncle Boy's wife said.

Are you aware of the pollution around you?
Absolutely. I live in an area where the pollution isn't that bad, but it does get somewhat worse on certain days. It depends on the weather and other factors. It doesn't get to the point where you need to really check the pollution figures on any given day, though. That's why I would never live in a city with high pollution or any other area like that. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your uncle, though.
This just came in. A friend from Baguio City informed me that respiratory ailments are on the rise in that mountain area due to pollution. Where before that city boasts of the fresh air, now it cannot say the same because the mountains are fully dotted with houses and malls are like mushrooms. Bikers still love that place despite the pollution. What annoys bikers is the heavy traffic during the daytime. It is good to be cycling away from the city but never in the hearf of the city.
Sorry to hear about your uncle's death. It's a terrible way for him to go, and considering that he made such great efforts to remain fit and healthy. I'm fortunate enough to live in an area that doesn't suffer much from air pollution, but I do realize that it's a huge problem in so many other countries. I hope the world gradually turns to green energies as soon as possible.
Yes must be very careful and bring a gas mask whenever you can. It has become very serious especially around major cities like Beijing.
As we know that the smog is hanging over cities which is more familiar and a form of air pollution. But there are also different kinds of it which exist but not visible but it is contributed to global warming. There are many substance which the people release into the atmosphere has a bad effects on living as well as non-living and it is we consider as air pollution.Air pollution is a vast problem—and it is not just a problem for people living in smog-choked cities also for people who are located all around the world through such things the global warming and damage to the ozone layer, it has the danger to affect us all.

It's also noteworthy that cold air can cause asthma, and it would lead to the person not being able to breathe in a matter of seconds after being exposed to the cold air. So people with asthma who would even think of biking, I suggest you try to avoid those early winter morning runs, because asthma can strike at any time, and if you do not have anybody nearby to get help, it will be the last ride you will ever take. So be more cautious, and make sure to avoid what triggers your asthmatic attacks.
Sometimes I commute from my place in Quezon City to Makati for exercise and I was shocked by the amount of grime and dirt that sticked to my face, neck, arms that I had to to buy a soap and go to a restroom and clean myself that's the degree of pollution we now have in the metro. In the past I have business meetings in the open area of starbucks, but sitting there for 2 hours and rub your face with a hankie and you'll see the dirt that comes from vehicle pollution. Now every time i go to a restaurant or cafe I opt to get a seat inside.
It is honestly upsetting knowing just how badly we are polluting the environment. Both the earth, water, and air are all sickeningly contaminated with pollutants.

It is a fact that air pollution does in fact cause serious long term issues such as heart and lung disease. I know that particularly is Southeast Asia, coal pollution is an incredibly serious issue right now. Analysts say that casualties of air pollution could triple by 2030, as many Southeast Asian countries continue industrializing and burning immense amounts of fossil fuels.

I live in a rural, country area where the air quality is actually quite good--compared to major metropolitan areas, at least--so I don't really worry about smog and pollution as much. However, this certainly doesn't change the fact that other countries seriously need to place new regulations and standards when it comes to fossil fuel consumption, for the short and long term sake of their own people.
Pollution, particularly air pollution, can really affect your health negatively if you don't take precautions such as goggles or mask to avoid inhalation of smoke, especially in urban places. It may not be as grave as some cases, but you don't notice the effects of pollution until it's too late.
Well I think it's not really safe to use bike or even a simple exercise in the cities. I wonder what will happened to the health advocates or for those people specially students who used to run and used bikes in the Manila bay area. I'm sure that, instead of getting healthy, they will get worst because of the pollution.
It's a good thing the area where I leave have areas that are good for biking. The air is clean and there are not many cars. There are also many trees in this city. Whenever I go to the province, the air quality there is better. There are only a few large trucks and these trucks often travel during nighttime to avoid road traffic.
I'm sorry to hear about your uncles death. It's truly very alarming now that pollution is taking over. No matter how we take good care of our health we can't avoid pollution, and it's very sad.
I'm glad I'm living in a less saturated place. There is less pollution in my area. Airs are fresh and soothing. There's no need to worry about pollution. Moreover, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle .
Pollution is not something to take lightly. It's always been a big risk when it comes to everyday living conditions. That's why it's best to avoid areas where there are lots of smoke and stuff.

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