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    I created a website called http://www.TheBikeRacer.com last year. It's a national amateur race calendar. Last year I posted over 1000 cycling and multi-sport events on my calendar. This email is to inform you about my website and to ask that you post any events you are planning for the 2008 season (and in future years).

    Posting your races and results is very simple. Click on the 'Submit a Race' link at the top of the page. Create an account if you haven't already and post your races. The neat thing about my site is that after you enter your races, you can come back and easily edit any race information. After logging into the website, you'll be presented with a list of your events and an 'edit' button next to your events. This allows for quick calendar updates (including cancellations and/or reschedules). I also verify each race URL before it gets posted on the website to verify it's authenticity.

    The reason I started the website was to make finding cycling and multi-sport events easy, especially for people looking for events out of their immediate living areas. Most 'locals' know where to find local events, but finding races further from home gets difficult. Events on http://www.thebikeracer.com are listed by region and state. I also have a search function based on zip codes and distance. For example, if someone is traveling and knows the zip code where they are going to be, they can enter the zip code into my search function and find events within a chosen distance relative to the destination zip code.

    My goal this year is to list over 2000 events and continually drive traffic to my website. I'm currently researching placing adds in a couple print mags (Bicycling, Dirt Rag, etc.) This service is free for Race Directors. I hope you will take advantage of http://www.TheBikeRacer.com. If more people can easily find out about your events, you will be able to fill you events and keep the racers and sponsors happy. It only takes about a minute to enter your race information.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Sincerely, Mike