Race me you twats!

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by True Grit, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. True Grit

    True Grit Guest

    I'm not laying out all that loot to NOT blow someone off, so who is
    going to run? DF is obviously afraid, Rebecchi is intimidated, Roidger
    is off on a faux-run, and the rest of you are scared. Sad, just sad...

  2. Awa Tagoo

    Awa Tagoo Guest

    df= ohio
    rog=england u,k.
    and you were = pam read from michigan who in california.

    Not that there afraid. first name change.
    Arnold was here. then his p.r. mn took over. turn out look like casper
    the goast with a nest an eagle would luv....(bless him). gee if 30 is
    death, I'm in a heap of trouble lord........1985.......she is so
    I would run agen ya. just I can't find me leg........
    Not really. I can't back this up ether........

    My bike is dusted bad. my d rail on it last leg, tires are balding. no
    job fer so long I can't seem to find one ....well per say, I am on my
    own.....I have to make the work.........I am sore, rash is gone.....
    and I am not doing porn........
    Butt small fruit of the loom make good shorts if pull up to knees.an
    color t shirts r in.
    11 more packs of seeds planted.
    michigan, an doing just fine thank-you vey much......
    on your mark
    get set
    the strawberry runs has beguned.
    1,270 miles to date about.
    162 last week.
    sure wasen't 300 miles.....
    and the lady who won.
    butt once I fine me leg. giv me a call.