Rail Trail in Ogden Utah

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    I just spent a day doing business in Ogden, Utah, along Rt. 15. While searching for the Weber County
    Sheriff's Department, I came across two sets of parallel railroad tracks, one apparently in use, the
    other abandoned. These crossed Rt. 15 about a couple of hundred feet apart, and each ran off into
    some beautiful-looking scenery.

    Can anybody tell me if there's been any effort to convert the unused track into a rail trail?
    I'd say it'd make a really awesome one. For those of you from out-of-town, like me, this Rt. 15
    runs into a huge mountain range that was snow-caped on a day the temp hit 70 something. Many of
    us easterners would travel hours or days to ride a trail like that -- that's if you'd want us
    out there.

    Any info?

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  2. There are some great rail trails in Utah.

    most of them are around the Park City and I-80 area.

    Utah also has the Jordan River Parkway trail that wil run from Ogden to Provo (~75 miles) and the
    Bonneville shoreline trail( also ~50-75 miles)

    More trails in the Summit County (park City) area are in the works.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.