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    >> > Over the last 3 years I've tried several methods of gettin better k
    >> > race times.
    >> > *doubling my weekly mileage for about 3-4 weeks
    >> > *lots of hills reps ( once a week,progrevly adding each week)
    >> > *100 meter spints
    >> > *400 meter spints
    >> > * 1 mile hard runs
    >> > * weekend long run (7-10 miles)
    >> > * stairs (progressivly adding each week)
    >> > * biking
    >> >
    >> > Sometimes I have success,& trim my times down, sometimes I seem to
    >> > stay about the same,
    >> > I have done several combinations of the above & I think my problem is
    >> > when I do get faster, I'm not sure what the one key was.
    >> > I can look at my logbook & look at my best races & see what I did for
    >> > training prior to that race,but how far back do u go? Are the workouts
    >> > you done the past 2 weeks,3 weeks,4 weeks the most crucial, or even
    >> > the training you did 2 months ago ?
    >> > My goal is a sub 20 min, the best I done is 20:47 last year. I
    >> > thought i trained hard all winter, but the 2 races I did this spring
    >> > were around 21:30.
    >> > That got me pretty down. I still run,but I am taking a break from
    >> > racing for awhile....maybe next year. I need to find out what is the
    >> > best way to get to 20 min, & train hard for a few mos.

    >> and now for something completely different:
    >> i've gotten my two best 5k times this summer (within weeks of each
    >> other). i don't have any real secrets to divulge since my running
    >> workouts have been rather unstructured and more "free-form" in nature,
    >> but prior to those races i was doing two strong tempo runs per week and
    >> one fartlek session per week. not a lot of mileage... only about 27-30km
    >> per week, but i made those km's really count. you may ask "why only
    >> three runs per week?" the answer is that i was also doing a lot of
    >> cross-training, more specifically for triathlon. i was also cycling 40+
    >> km's 2-3 times a week, and swimming for close to an hour once a week.
    >> a lot of distance endurance work in the other disciplines really seemed
    >> to complement my running. the overall conditioning, which allowed me to
    >> peak just in time for those races took me beyond my previous road racing
    >> efforts.
    >> your non-running workouts, if given even just a bit more attention,
    >> would allow for better overall conditioning, and give the running
    >> muscles a rest. as for you times, well.... you are ahead of me... my
    >> best 5k is 22:11.
    >> best of luck, and see the other posts for the scientific methods of
    >> getting to where you wanna be.

    >I agree the cross training helps - I think the main reason is
    >that it replaces the mileage you are not doing in terms of
    >increasing aerobic capacity.
    >The added bonus is the working of other muscle groups.

    As a cross-trainer myself I agree up to a point. As others have said
    specificity does matter, but that comes more into play at higher levels of
    competition. If you're cycling in addtion to running, its better to use a
    high cadence and this will help keep your leg turnover up for running and
    won't bulk up your legs as much.

    - Tony
    >David (in Hamilton, ON)