Re: Blood pressure / oxidative stress

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  1. If I may butt in here, not knowing who "you" is. This is standard stuff,
    as is the other valuable info on the page that shows the body is quite
    capable of using and controling iron and that when iron stores are
    abnormally high, 3 - 5 percent of the population, problems can result as
    in the example below. Btw, the very next sentence says the condition you
    mention is genetic in nature and thus has nothing to do with typical
    causes of diabetes. The section just before it outline the problems when
    iron is too low. I had this site, with all it sections, bookmarked long
    ago as it is a basic overview of human biochemistry.

    >I suppose you could keep yourself busy by convincing these guys to
    >revise their page ..
    >Eh ..
    >Iron deposition in the liver leads to cirrhosis and in the pancreas
    >causes diabetes. The excess iron deposition leads to bronze
    >pigmentation of the organs and skin. In fact, the bronze skin
    >pigmentation seen in hemochromatosis, coupled with the resulatant
    >diabetes lead to the designation of this condition as bronze diabetes.
    >Who loves ya.