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    Just a quick message to see if there are any unicyclists in the
    derby/nottingham/East Midlands area who fancy getting together. There
    are probably 6 of us at the Derby Juggling club who have been playing
    hockey on the club night and regularly going out for Muni trips and we
    were wondering specifically about organising a pitch for either regular
    or one off hockey session with enough people for full teams and I'm just
    trying to see if theres any interest for anybody out there to see if its
    worth pursuing - If theres enough interest then we can start to think
    about dates/nights. Also if anyone fancies a muni trip out in the local
    area then shout -so anyone who's up for any kind of unicycling reply to
    the thred and try and indicate what nights would be good for.

    Looking forward to an enthusiastic response as am itching to a) get a
    proper game of hockey going and b) get some more muni trips in.
    Hopefully I'll be reading lots of responses soon



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