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  1. On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 02:25:32 GMT, Jon Kaplan <[email protected]>

    >I've noticed many people on this forum recommending a low carbo diet for
    >I've also seen it written that diabetics should avoid high protein due
    >to potential kidney damage, which can be a serious problem for
    >And we all know that excess fats, particularly animal fats, are very
    >dangerous to the cardio-vascular system.
    >So if one eats low fat, low protein and low carbo, what's left to eat?

    The terms "high" and "low" are relative only to what one might
    consider as the American version of eating....which is eating way too

    Consider the Two Pound Diet for diabetics (aka 2PD).

    Under the simplicity of design of the 2PD, one can choose whatever
    macronutritional makeup suits your form of diabetic issue. Since
    large quantities of food are not consumed, the terms "low" or "high"
    are essentially meaningless. There is no high consumption of

    Over time, the "high" or "low" argument tends to be moot anyway.
    Failure rates on Atkins (low carb) or Ornish (low fat) or any other
    commercial diets are so astronomically high (99 out of 100), that a so
    called balance is reached regardless of the best efforts to seek none.

    It's free, it is supported by a cardiologist and it works.

  2. On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 05:16:28 GMT, Jon Kaplan <[email protected]>

    >Thanks for your reply. Fortunately, I don't need to lose weight. I'm just
    >trying to meet the demands of my different diets (cardiac, diabetic, etc.)
    >and get enough calories to not lose weight.

    Your fortunate and appear to be doing all the right things. Best of