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    On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:36:44 -0500, "cathwood" wrote:

    >Is it 'normal' to take a while to do regular freemounting?

    It's not uncommon. I consider myself a slow learner, at least as far
    as unicycling goes. It took me about 20 hours of practicing, spread
    over about five weeks, to be able to ride 50 metres. From then on, it
    took me about five MONTHS to be able to freemount reliably enough to
    get my level 1. Of course not all of that time was spent practicing
    the freemount but a lot of it was.

    If you say kickback mount, do you mean (what many people call)
    rollback mount? You might want to try the static mount. If you put
    something behind the wheel (brick, curb) it is not yet a freemount but
    maybe a stepping stone. Some more freemounting help is included in the
    Word document "Learning to Unicycle" , downloadable from

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