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    > COMMENT on Press release of Alan Craft, David Haslam, Mark Jones, Jane
    > Collins,Carol Black, Beverly Malone, David Elliman, Helen
    > Bedford,George Kassianos, Mike Fitzpatrick, Brent Taylor by
    > 1. "Over thirty years worldwide use of the combined MMR vaccine has
    > shown it to be extremely safe"
    > Comment: This is an obvious lie under most peoples definition of safe
    > ie breastfeeding, but medical politicians wrote the book on
    > propaganda.

    There is absolutely no question that there is some (although very small)
    risk to MMR vaccination. However, the risk of vaccination is much smaller
    than the risk of getting mealses, which can be fatal or rubella, which can
    cause birth defects or kill newborns.

    > a. On september 14, 1992 two MMR vaccines (Pluserix & Immravax) were
    > banned
    > in the UK after it was revealed that children had developed meningitis

    In other words, they are not on the market any more. This shows that the
    government is following the vaccine carefully. In the very rare cases when
    there is a problem, action is taken to correct the problem.

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