Re: lidl rechargeable batteries


Peter Fox

Ian Smith wrote:
> Lidl have their rechargeable batteries coming up again soon, and the
> question "how good are they" has arisen in the past. Possibly this

Get 4 new ones, keep the receipt and do the test on the new ones. The capacity of
batteries depends on the discharge rate (See Wikepedia) but a 4 hour discharge sounds
reasonable to me for 2 AAs and a cycle light. Then publish the results here and write to

It amazes me, but why am I not surprised, that batteries aren't required to have
best-before-dates and Ah on the packet. Guess who does the lobbying against, and how
their money compares to the lines of the unwashed, unimportant like us.

Peter Fox
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Jonathan Schneider

"mb" <[email protected]> writes:

> Personal experience tells me that GP are the best. Uniross and Ansmann
> are best left in the shop and "own brand" batteries are to be avoided.

Though I have a pair of GP 1300mAh that seem to have a lower capacity
than my old Uniross 800mAh NiCds. Also a bit shorter than everything
else so they don't contact reliably.