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    While surfing the net I stumbled across this little discussion regarding
    the booklet "Ride The Unicycle - A Crash Course!"

    My name is Gregg Vivolo, I've been a unicycle enthusiast for over 30
    years now and have been teaching others to ride for almost as long. I'm
    married with 4 sons, two of which also ride.

    I wrote the booklet over a year ago and started selling it on eBay in
    addition to selling it on my little website. To date I've sold close to
    500 booklets.

    Is the book good? I think the overwhelming success of those who've used
    my booklet to learn is a testimony to whether or not it is good.

    What makes it different than other learn to ride books written is that
    it breaks down the process into small understandable steps. In
    addition, the booklet includes several exercises for a student to
    perform prior to getting on the unicycle to help learn and understand
    the importance of leaning forward which as you know is the most
    critical, yet most difficult skill to perform for beginning unicyclists.

    My intention for writing the booklet is simply to promote the wonderful
    sport of unicycling.

    Happy and Safe Unicycling!

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    Welcome to the forums, Gregg! I hope you will poke around a bit and see
    what this group is all about. Your forum looks like a great place for
    beginners to get some useful feedback. It's sometimes harder to get that
    here without first being told to use the search feature (which they

    I had some correspondence with Gregg when I first heard about his book a
    year or two ago. Anything to help people get over the steep learning
    curve of learning to ride is a good thing. People really need that!
    Looks like he favors a "ride away from curb" technique. Funny, as I just
    posted in a different thread that one of the most important pointers I
    give new riders is to "stick to the wall" at first. So we may have
    different teaching methods.

    Good luck with the book sales, Gregg!

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    I ordered a copy out of curiousity. Maybe I'll give it to my daughter in
    yet another attempt to get her to stick with the learning process. She
    wants to ride, just wont put in the time.

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