Re: New Upgrades - Nimbus Stealth Pro Rim + 14g SS Spokes

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  1. goldenchickenIV wrote:
    > I have another reason to downgrade to normal hub - my spokes are a tad
    > too short for the airfoil rim. A smaller hub would get them a little
    > further into the nipples.

    Only by a miniscule amount - probably hardly noticeable.

    goldenchickenIV wrote:
    > But on the other hand I have maguras and the reason for me upgrading to
    > airfoil, super-duper hub and nimbus frame in the first place was that
    > the brakes were chafing the rim.

    You'll certainly get a bit more flex with a narrower hub, leaving the
    rest of the components the same. With the amount of clearance you get
    with Maggies (i.e. not much) you may need to keep the flex to an
    absolute minimum, which means using a wide hub. All the people I know
    who use normal width hubs in cokers have caliper brakes, so I can't
    comment on whether it can be made to work satisfactorily with Maguras.

    If you're not using straight cranks then just doing that would be an
    improvement - as I said, my setup with super-wide hub and straight
    cranks was no wider than my muni with ProWheel cranks. I don't think
    I'd be desperate to swap to a narrower hub if I wasn't buying a new
    wheel anyway, and given that you use Maggies I'd say the extra bit of
    stiffness with the wide hub probably outweighs any benefit from the Q
    reduction in your case.


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  2. Yes I have switched to an old pair of alu cranks that are straight. The
    qu-ax prowheel cranks made distance between pedals almost absurdly

    I think you're right about the spokes and the nipples, the narrower hub
    won't do much difference. So I will stick with it at least until next
    upgrade which I hope to be a stealth rim with ss-spokes.

    Or – if someone cares to invent it – a 36" carbon fibre wheel.

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