Re: Quote of the day (from non-riders)



1wheelwonder wrote:
> from the toddeler next door,'mummy say you dumb'
> nice kid, ain't it

that one was good. I bet some of the neighbors think that of me. the
neighbor girl in a snoting voice said, "why would you do that it is
easier to ride a bike," probally a quote from her winner of a dad.
yeah, especially when your bike has four wheel still.

StephenH wrote:
> Cool, I've been to that sculpture park many times- we lived in Loveland
> for a year, Fort Collins for 4 years. Never saw a unicycle there,
> though!

unless you were here in the last 6 months, if you did see a unicyclist
it wouldn't have been me anyway. only start 8 months ago.

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