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    I think it might be best if you read the book "Saturated fat may save your life" by Bruce Fife. It's
    a cheap book, but cover a lot of ground. He's not correct on everything, but his advice is not
    unhealthy, as so many other are. Actually, because coconut oil is mostly short and medium chain
    fatty acids, it aids your thyroid but is lower in calories than foods that are mostly long chain
    fatty acids, which almost all other fats are. Butter's not too bad, but the cow's can be treated
    poorly. I use a little organic butter each day, but a lot more coconut product. You can cook meat,
    but boil it - do not expose it to air while cooking. Shellfish is best - East Point Seafood seems
    good - least likely to be polluted. You can boil up some rice, for example, then put it with coconut
    oil or butter, with spices and shrimp, for example, in a glass saucepan and just warm it up to taste
    - no reason to cook it at high temperatures - that's very bad all the way around. Another book that
    is worth obtaining is Enig and Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions." I learned how to ferment yams and
    grains, and it helps digestion, and adds a bit of "punch" to meals. I like that sweet and sour
    taste, so adding raising and spices to it helps. I like fermenting oatmeal best - nice consistency
    and neutral taste - then add spices, vanilla, whatever. Never goes bad - just keep it in the
    refrigerator after it ferments. Good luck, and I strongly recommend those 2 books.