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    > By Peter H. Langsjoen, MD
    > The medical profession has, after more than 30 years of excellent
    > propaganda, successfully created the wholly iatrogenic - "pseudo-disease"
    > dubbed "hypercholesterolemia" and the associated malady "cholesterol
    > neurosis". After decades of dismal failure to cure this "disease" of

    > with low fat diets and a host of cholesterol lowering drugs, the medical
    > profession stumbled upon the magic bullet, the cure for this dreaded
    > artificial disease - statins (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors). First

    > on the US market in 1987, statins have rapidly grown into one of the most
    > widely prescribed class of drugs in history. Statins do three things:
    > 1. They block the body's ability to make cholesterol, thus lowering the
    > blood level of cholesterol, thereby curing cholesterol neurosis. Doctors

    > patients equally neurotic have immediate gratification. The "evil" high
    > cholesterol has been dramatically lowered and the future is bright and
    > promising. So good.
    > 2. Unrelated to their cholesterol lowering, statins have been found to

    > anti-inflammatory, plaque-stabilizing properties which have a slight

    > in coronary heart disease.
    > 3. Statins kill people - lots of people - and they wound many, many more.
    > All patients taking statins become depleted in Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10),
    > eventually - those patients who start with a relatively low CoQ10 levels
    > (the elderly and patients with heart failure) begin to manifest
    > signs/symptoms of CoQ10 deficiency relatively rapidly - in 6 to 12 months.
    > Younger, healthier people who's only "illness" is the non-illness
    > "hypercholesterolemia" can tolerate statins for several years before

    > into trouble with fatigue, muscle weakness and soreness (usually with

    > muscle enzyme CPK tests) and most ominously - heart failure.
    > In my practice of 17 years in Tyler, Texas, I have seen a frightening
    > increase in heart failure secondary to statin usage, "statin
    > cardiomyopathy". Over the past five years, statins have become more

    > are being prescribed in higher doses, and are being used with reckless
    > abandon in the elderly and in patients with "normal" cholesterol levels.

    > are in the midst of a CHF epidemic in the US with a dramatic increase over
    > the past decade. Are we causing this epidemic through our zealous use of
    > statins? In large part I think the answer is yes. We are now in a position
    > to witness the unfolding of the greatest medical tragedy of all time -

    > before in history has the medical establishment knowingly (Merck & Co.,

    > has two 1990 patents combining CoQ10 with statins to prevent CoQ10

    > and attendant side effects) created a life threatening nutrient deficiency
    > in millions of otherwise healthy people, only to then sit back with
    > arrogance and horrific irresponsibility and watch to see what happens - as

    > see two to three new statin cardiomyopathies per week in my practice, I
    > cannot help but view my once great profession with a mixture of sorrow and
    > contempt.
    > Statin-induced CoQ10 depletion is the topic of a recent petition to the

    > requesting that this drug/nutrient interaction be identified in a black

    > warning as part of statin package insert information. A comprehensive

    > of animal and human trials addressing this issue has been submitted to the
    > FDA as a supporting document. We, of course, do not expect any response

    > the FDA, but 10 years from now when the full extent of statin toxicity
    > becomes painfully evident, at least we can, in good conscience, know that

    > tried and who knows, sometimes small sparks may spread in dry grass.
    > See Also:
    > Cholesterol Drugs And The Depletion Of Coenzyme Q10: A Review Of Human And
    > Animal Data.
    > By Peter H. Langsjoen, MD
    > Citizen Petition: Needed - A Change In The Labeling Of All Statin Drugs