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  1. Meatloaf
    Gourmet Bloody Marys
    Cucumber Salad
    Cake with fruit
    French fry dipping sauce
    White French Dressing


    From: *~* Recipe Trader *~* <[email protected]>
    Subject: Meatloaf


    Whew, I am glad that the holidays are over, time to get back on track.

    I am looking for a really good meat loaf recipe that has a tomato topping.
    NOT ketchup or anything like that, but more like stewed tomatoes, along
    that line. There is a local restaurant that makes their meatloaf like this
    and my DH loves it, I just cant seem to get the topping right!

    Any help would GREATLY be appreciated!

    Lindale, Texas


    From: "chimp" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Gourmet Bloody Marys

    I had a recipe from an old Gourmet - probably 1990-1992 time frame. It
    was in the back of the magazine. What made it unusual was horseradish.
    Does anyone have this recipe or something similar?



    From: "Tricia Eddy" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Cucumber Salad

    Looking for a recipe for a salad which uses cucumbers


    From: "Amelia Meade" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Cake with fruit
    Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 06:46:30 +0000

    My neighbor made a loaf cake or sweet bread for me. I asked for the
    recipe but she said she didn.t have one.just threw things together. I can
    tell she used a can of canned fruit. What is the recipe for this?


    From: Scott <[email protected]>
    Subject: REQ French fry dipping sauce

    I am looking for a type of sauce to dip my french fries in. A local
    restaurant has a white sauce that they put on my Cajun Burger. It is
    delicious. I've asked but the lady want tell. I always ask for a
    little extra to dip my fries in. I'm not a big fan of ketchup. I
    usually eat my fries with Tarter Sauce or other dipping sauces.

    The sauce I am looking for is white. She says it's her own secret
    sauce. I guess I'm just looking for any type of sauces that would be
    good with french fries. It's not a thick sauce.....It's kinda runny,
    and I couldn't name one ingredient in it. If you have any special
    sauce recipes that you like could you please post some. Thanks.


    From: "Susan" <[email protected]>
    Subject: White French Dressing

    Does anybody have this recipe? If, so I would love to have it.


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