Rider holds on to side of a bridge after crashing

Lucky guy. Another reason why I am only racing cyclocross. One overlapped wheel and contact--multiple riders down and one almost killed. For a Cat 3 Race?

This kind of stuff didn't happen when Obama was President! MAGA indeed. Where's the Executive Order putting a stop to overlapping wheels? I hope that 1T infrastructure project includes higher Jersey barriers on bridges to protect cyclists. We need it bigly!
It doesn't matter if you're a 5 or a 2. Roadies will kill their mothers to win a $5 medal, a $20 prime or a $200 payout.

I understand those that only ride MTB or do cross. Seriously. Although those trees flying by a few inches away will keep a guy focused.

That crash went down at 33 to 36 MPH. If you read the comments below the video the injuries were serious. Busted elbow, punctured lung, busted ribs, the usual collarbone or two. Not fun.
Pretty shocking when you see the picture of his bike on the floor of the ravine - if he'd gone all the way over I think his life would have taken a very different turn!

Sprinting across a bridge for a finish line just the other side of it is pretty nuts though, the organisers need to learn from this.
More follow-up info in this article about the crash. The 51-year old Master Cat. 3 racer that almost went over the bridge has, at least for now, given up racing.

Campy, notice that his carbon frame and fork was damaged in this crash! See--additional proof that carbon is dangerous. If a bike can't survive being smashed against a hardened concrete barrier and falling 30-40 feet down a ravine onto rocks below, what good is it?

"Allec said he emerged largely unscathed, with just a bit of road (bridge) rash. His carbon Storck bike, however, wasn’t so fortunate — the top tube was cracked, and one side of the fork was broken into pieces."

Personally, I think we should go to the bridge and start chucking titanium and steel frames down into the ravine.This is exactly why I ride titanium. If I am going to hang onto my dear life on the side of a bridge, I'd like to know that my bike wasn't damaged from the fall. If I was on titanium, I might have just stayed on the bike and then fallen with the bike with the titanium absorbing all the impact and being just fine.
See--additional proof that carbon is dangerous.

And...it was one of those over-priced Stork's!

Smart plan to go down with the Ti ship! Might as well be buried together. One less obsolete frame in the pack! Notice that even the 51-year old geezer was on carbon. He knew enough not to get laughed at because of his fairy tale belief in some old metal!

I'm not too sure any frame would have been rideable after that drop and I'll guarantee you that my body sure as Hell wouldn't be riding after going into that dry ravine. More like...Campy would be hustling nurses in the rehab facility for the next 6 months!