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Oct 26, 2001
I cycle either to work or home in the dark depending on the shift, and whilst I wear a brightly coloured jacket with reflective strip on it, it mostly hidden by my rucksack.<br /><br />The rucksack I have now is actually my sons, but I stole it off him because it had a flashing light on it. I have to say that it's in a poor state now and the light refuses to work anymore. So I'm on the look out for a new one, hopefully one that will get me noticed on the dark roads (for tonights commute about a two mile section had no street lights working, it wasn't fun).<br /><br />So if anybody knows of a high visiblity rucksack that's not to big (it's only for my commute) I'll be glad to hear about it.<br /><br />Laz
I have a nice backpacker pack, made here in SA and very sturdy. 28 litres with a frame if you want it (designed for cycling and adventure racing so the frame keeps it off your back). I think its called an Air-Flo, don't know if they make them anymore. But it comes with a lifetime warranty (I think) and so far, in 3 years of solid use, has yet to be damaged. Only problem is the frame limits the size inside. And it comes in a bright yellow colour for visibility and has tons of straps etc to allow you to attach lights or reflective strips.<br /><br />I would say that any nice fitting small daypack from one of the big pack manufacturers might be worth it. They probably cost up to R400 but with that you get lifetime guarantees (I have mates who have sent their's in for repairs a couple of times and they are quite good about it) and a much higher level of comfort. And they all come with straps to attach lights to.<br /><br />I take it your bike itself has lights on it? Because any light which is at all uni-directional will probably not be very visible sitting on your backpack (well at least to anyone not in a plane)
Rhodent My bike does have lights but the added comfort of a light on my rucksack has been reassurring.<br /><br />I think I'll have to get something similar to what you mentioned, ie. something with several straps on it that I can attach lights to. Another requirement is that it must have a chest strap, I'm fed up of the bloody thing rocking back and fore when I get out of the saddle.<br /><br />Thanks <br /><br />Laz

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