To be in front....act as if you are behind

some chinese dude ;D (heard it on road to paris doco ::) )
"Nothing beats going the wrong way on an uphill"
"Look at it this way, the guys behind me have longer to ride"
"So what if I am 30 minutes behind the winner, I spent more time out here so I must be fitter"
"Damn I had easier gears and I didn't realise it" (Near the top of a climb in a bunch of suffering riders all in their biggest sprocket)

Quoted by me on a few occasions.
I like that. Good one. Going to have to read through these.

I guess it is time to boycott you. Thankfully there is an ignore function. I am fast realizing that you don't have anything useful to say with all the necroposts, off topic responses and one-liner fly by comments you make.