scared of the 6 foot

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  1. scody

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    I bought a six foot... expecting not to be as comfortable up there as I am
    down on the regular....
    but boy... it is pretty scary up there...

    Anybody have any words of encouragement?

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    john_childs wrote:
    > *Your feet are only three feet off the ground. :) *

    aye, that is very true. Go stand on something that's three feet high,
    and jump off. That's how high you are on the giraffe.... not much, neh?

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  5. On a giraffe you will have much more time to react to a loss of balance
    because you'll fall so much slower. You'll be surprised at how much
    control you can have over the 6'er if you believe it and if you commit
    to it. Idling, in many peoples opinions, is actually easier on a


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    make sure that the very first thing u do, once u've clambered aboard the
    lumbering beast, is to jump off
    just set your mind at rest that u can jump from that height and from
    that raffie without killing yourself
    that lil' bit of peace of mind will make a world of difference to the
    time u spend just settling in with the new toy

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    All of this help...
    You guys are great.

    I love the Tennis Court Idea... gonna spend my time down there this saturday
    as a matter of fact.


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    > Go to a tennis court where you can use the fences as helping hands.
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