SETTE bike computer


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Jan 20, 2015

I bought this SETTE computer in December of 2013. I need to reset it for the wheel size, but cannot locate my instructions. The SETTE website is of no use, and I cannot locate any assistance through Internet searches. I'm now seeking help from anyone who may be able to provide a scanned pdf of the computer instructions that would help me complete my reset. I'd much appreciate any support with this.
What does the back side of the SETTE computer look like? Does it happen to have CATEYE embossed in the plastic? Are there two buttons?
It is not a Cateye product, if that is what you are wondering. Here's a view of the back.
FWIW. Well, looking at the picture of the back of the SETTE computer ... The two TABS on the COLLAR which surround the battery cover suggest that the collar around the battery cover can be turned ... SO, turning the collar EITHER does something, alone, OR you may need to press the BLUE button in combination with turning the collar ... Of course, in the absence of the instruction sheet, I suspect that you have to be willing to perform some trial-and-error to determine what's what.
Thanks for trying to help. The two tabs are to help secure the computer to its cradle on the bike. I don't mind trying the trial and error, but was hoping to connect with someone who may actually be able to provide the instructions. This is a fairly affordable computer and my hope was that someone out there might be able to help with the instructions before I mess up the settings by pressing buttons. :)