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  1. Bob Kastigar

    Bob Kastigar Guest

    Planning a solo self-supported trip in Louisiana in May, Shrevport south to maybe Houma. A couple of

    1. Any suggestions for getting from Longview, TX (closest Amtrak station that handles luggage and
    takes the bike)? How's Rt. 80? Or any of the roads that roughly parallel it?

    2. Going south from Shrevport, there seems to be two choices: Rt 1 on the west side of the river, Rt
    71 on the east? Recommendations, taking into consideration both good riding as well as
    scenic/cultural considerations?

    I'm not necessarily planning to ride all the way on these routes, but to just generally follow them,
    taking alternate roads where possible and taking the main roads only where it's the only way to get
    between two points.

    Any suggestions appreciated. (If you reply directly, fix the anti-spam thing in the return address,
    you know how!)

    Bob Kastigar; mailto:[email protected] Home: Work: School: Play: Union: (Chicago, IL USA) finger [email protected]

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