Sites about Demifon?


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Jan 10, 2003
I've tried to find a web page about Demifon (motorpace) racing. I've only found two demifon pictures ( but I wan't to know more about them, 'cause Demifon is just something really different. Motorbikes look surreal and I heard that averages in Demifon races can be some 80-90km/h!!!<br /><br />Going round 166-250m track, 80-90km/h, on a strange bike...I wan't to know more
Can you show a picture?<br /><br />It ain't derny as these ar normal bikes and a little slower.<br /><br />It can be stayeren as we call it over here. You ride behind a motorbike motorbike has very long handlebars so that driver(who wears a special suit to catch the wind for you) can stand upright. Cyclist has special steer and smallerfront wheel and I believe even sometimes(or is it most) wooden wheels.<br /><br />If it looks like my second description Use stayer/steher or stayeren as search or the names De Paoli or better Podlesch De Paoli is the belgian champion Podlesch has been(and maybe still is) European and german champion Maybe Edwin Smeulders<br /><br />If its this picture you mean its what i am talking above
Yes Maarten, that's site/picture I meant. <br />I know they are called stayeren, steher, stayer etc. But I haven't found any sites about it. It's small scene, that maybe there's no sites about demifon.<br /><br />Still, if anyone knows where to find demifon sites, please let me know
[quote author=maarten link=board=16;threadid=2855;start=0#msg24159 date=1042316672]<br />If its this picture you mean its what i am talking above<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Ahhh I remember seeing photos of the great aussie 6 day rider Danny Clark riding these events ;)<br />
2pics very old!! almost at the end of the page<br /><br />recent top vieuw
Thank you for that picture Maarten. It's old but looks good.
If there's no site about demifon, then I'll do one.
When(if) I get that site done, I'll let you all know.

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