Specialized Tarmac Elite VS. Scott CR1 Elite


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Jun 19, 2010
Hello everyone!

I am new on this forum and I am in need of a good advice. I have decided to buy a new road bicycle and now I am facing a huge dillema - I do not know which one to pick:

1. SPECIALIZED TARMAC ELITE (Specialized Bicycle Components : Tarmac Elite)
2. SCOTT CR1 ELITE (SCOTT CR1 Elite - Bike Road)

Any suggestions, ideas and reviews will be of good use to me. I am sure there are a lot of experienced cyclists in this community so I am really looking forward to your replies.


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Dec 23, 2006
Both are great bikes. More opinions below...

Road Bike Reviews

You must do an extended test of both before you purchase.

Make sure to report back on your choice and why.


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Oct 4, 2006
Only you can decide which of the two feels best to you, in terms of geometry, fit, frame feel, etc.

But you are getting better equipage with the Scott. Even if you don't like the Scott CR1 Elite's Rival group, and would prefer Shimano, then I'd recommend going to the one-lower-down Scott model, the Team, which is all 105. Both of the Scott's have a bit nicer wheels than the Specialized (Mavic Aksium on the Team, and the nicer Kyserium Elite on the Elite), and even the Team model has more complete 105 (including brakes), compared to the Specialized.

That said, if you find that you like the Tarmac frame more, then your mileage may vary....

Probably the CR1 frame is less race-oriented than the Tarmac, but it may also be a bit more comfortable.

(I have the Scott CR1 Team model, myself, and have been very happy with it. My impression is that Specialized (and Trek also, for that matter) seem to command a couple of hundred bucks more in price, for comparable equipages, versus brands like Scott, Felt, Jamis, etc., by virtue of being at least somewhat more well-known.)

Just my $0.02, of course....

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