SUV driving terrorist turns left onto helmetless cyclist

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One Of The Six

It was an unusual 75 degrees here today. Instead of doing an aggressive hilly 2 1/2 hour ride on my
racing bike I spent 4 hours going 10 miles. It was great. I took my two year old son to the beach.
We played in the sand, climbed trees, played with lots of dogs, watched the sunset, and rode home in
the twilight. I was riding a recumbent with my son in a trailer. I'm down low and he is right behind
me with the cutest running dialog. The grren cah gohs ova tha bik bump. Papa gohs ova tha trrn taks.
Tha slva cah gohs inna wa wa. We ya onna tha bidge..... Enough to melt away my concerns of
terrorists, homeland security and left turning helmetless SUV drivers :)
Not open for further replies.